French Translation Services

Do you have documents in English or another language that you need translated into French? Contact Exactexte today for professional French translation services and let our experts take care of it for you. Never be embarrassed by a mistranslation again!

We will translate, adapt, proofread, revise and deliver top-quality French translations, ready for you to use. If you need French technical translations, French marketing translations, French medical translations, French financial translations, we have experts on call to deliver excellent French translations for you.

French to English Translation

Our team of English mother tongue translators have the highest command of French.  Knowledge of French culture and expressions can only be achieved by a human translator.  There are many terms in French for which there is a term that sounds the same in English but has a different meaning!  That’s why you need a skilled translator to do your French translation.  A mere dictionary or literal translation could make you look foolish.  An experienced translator conveys the meaning from French to English, not just the words.

English to French Translation

French is one of the official languages of Canada and of the United Nations.  About 400 million people use French as their primary or only language every day.  That’s a lot of people!  If you do business in Canada, Europe or Africa, you probably need professional translation of English into French.  If you need professional and qualified French translators that you can trust, Exactexte Translations is your right choice.  We are used to most formats, materials and subjects.  Our team of French translators includes professionals who are skilled in the subject area you need, including:

  • French marketing translations
  • French website translations
  • French technical translations
  • French medical translations
  • French financial translations
  • And more

Our objective is to always translate correctly, accurately and on time.  The original meaning is faithfully conveyed from English to French.  The final version is always checked by a native French linguist, who will ensure that the French translation is not only correct but sounds natural, as if it was written by a native French person.

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