French Translation Services

Do you have documents in English or another language that you need translated into French? Contact Exactexte today for professional French translation services and let our experts take care of it for you. Never be embarrassed by a mistranslation again! Continue reading French Translation Services

5 Tips on Doing Business in Quebec

With Quebec being the second-largest market in Canada, any company with a presence in Canada is hard-pressed to overlook what can be a very lucrative market.  There is undoubtedly an investment to be made, both in financial and human resources. However, the return on investment can be considerable, given the size of the market and its specific characteristics. Many businesses have found it harder to expand into the US than into Quebec. So it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of opportunities close to home. With retail sales of over $100 billion a year, Quebec’s market is too big to ignore. Continue reading 5 Tips on Doing Business in Quebec

Translating Specialized Texts

When a client has a document to be translated whose subject lies within a specialty field, the services of a specialty translator or translator team needs to be called on.  This is essential to obtain an accurate and acceptable translation in the target language.

Specialized documents can fall in any number of fields.  There are legal documents, patents, contracts manuals for all manner of machinery or processes, academic articles and reports to be published in various trade journals.  There are also numerous operating documents such as bills of lading, customs clearance documents, financial and annual reports, specifications and many more.  In some cases the specialties will overlap, such as legal court documents that have a technical discussion as the root of the problem in dispute. Continue reading Translating Specialized Texts

Getting translations right

In this article I want to discuss the importance of translation being done correctly. That, of course, is the heart of our business. Many people don’t really understand what translation involves. It’s a lot more than just finding the equivalent words in the target language! There are cultural differences to taken into account, and in many subjects what we might call “jargon” – the understood and accepted way of saying things, which might not be obvious to someone who is not very familiar with the topic in the target language.

Then there are the hilarious errors like Time flies that became the flies of time (Les mouches du temps) when machine translated. Continue reading Getting translations right