Language Translation Services

Why hire a Language Translation Company?

This is a perfectly valid question that occurs to many people who need something translated.  Perhaps you know someone who is bilingual and assures you they can translate your document.  But there is a big difference between someone who is bilingual and a translator:

–           A bilingual person can express their own ideas in either language, while

–           A translator can faithfully and accurately express someone else’s ideas in another language

In addition, a Language Translation Company has access to resources that a bilingual person doesn’t have, such as

–           A pool of professional translators who can work together to perform far higher volume than an individual

–           Revisers who can proofread the translated text for both errors and style

–           Professional Desktop Publishing experts that can render the target document with the appropriate appearance

–           Experts in the subject matter, in addition to knowing the language

How do Language Translation Services work?

When you submit a request for quotation, your translation project will be analysed and a quotation returned as quickly as possible, usually within one business day.  If you have uploaded the document to be translated you will be given a firm price and terms, otherwise it will be a budget price.  The quotation will also include the time required to perform the translation.  Documents with complex layouts, graphics or pdf formats may need additional Desktop Publishing work and this will be addressed at the quotation stage.  Payment terms will also be settled at this stage.  We accept credit cards or you may apply for a Net 30 Day corporate account.

Once you decide to go ahead with the translation you can place your order by email or by logging on to your secure client space using the link provided with your quotation.

We will begin processing your order as soon as it is received.  If you place your order online you will receive an immediate acknowledgement by email.  If you place your order another way, such as by email, you will receive an acknowledgement as soon as it is manually entered, usually the same business day.

Your project will be assigned to a dedicated Project Manager who will oversee the process from start to finish.

The Project Manager’s first job will be analyse the needs and assign the staff who will be involved.  For a small job this will often be a single translation specialist, who will begin working on your document right away.

All translations we perform are checked by a second person.  As soon as the translator has finished the translation it will be forwarded to the proofreader.

In the final process, the completed translation will be checked for layout and other concerns.  If Desktop Publishing is required it will be performed at this stage.  It is important to note that translation is a purely text-based process.  Layout and Desktop Publishing processes are a separate service.

Once the translated document is ready you will receive an email with a link where you can securely download it.  Unless you request it, the document is not usually sent by email, which is not secure.

Our Guarantee

Within eight days after completion, any adjustments or corrections needed for your satisfaction that you bring to our attention will be made without additional charge.