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Expert Document Translation, Specializing in French and English

For your documents to be translated between English and French, we select from our team of professional translators ones with the appropriate specialized expertise.  For our clients, this means fast turnaround of the most demanding technical and business document translations.

Professional translators who are experts in the subject field and natives of the target language will make your translations read like originals.

Fast Language Translation Services

Language translation can be complex – Exactexte Translations makes it simple and affordable. Request a free quote for reliable translation of your documents using the latest technology by our top-notch experts.

Expert human translators

It takes more than simply being bilingual to be able to translate! A fluently bilingual person can express their own ideas in two languages.  A professional translator can faithfully and accurately express someone else’s ideas in the target language.  There’s a world of a difference! Our professional translators are all recognized experts in their field, qualified linguists and native speakers of the target language. Our network of specialist translators  have been tested and assessed and are certified by the relevant accreditation bodies. These specialist translators not only know the languages they are translating and the science of translation, they are also specialists in the subject matter.  Their experience will ensure that your translation is just right for your needs.