Your Document is Relevant, Interesting and Necessary  –

But you need it to be in French.

Whether it’s a user manual for a lawn mower or a description of the inner workings of a nuclear power plant it really is important to reach your reader in their own language.

Accurate Documents

Contracts have to be clear – to both parties. Medical reports and court documents leave no room for error. Financial statements, research studies, technical reports, trademark issues, all have to be perfectly understood because, if they’re not, serious repercussions can result.


You’re targeting a certain clientele. Be sure to reach out in French and English. Websites, brochures, product descriptions. Don’t leave it to chance. You (and your customers) deserve the best.

Our Solution

Exactexte Translations is ready to help. Our professional English to French translators are ready to capture the exact meaning of your English source text and produce an accurate French translation.

All types of French to English and English to French translations are offered:


  • technical documents
  • manuals
  • research studies
  • patents
  • technology
  • software
  • databases
  • manufacturing
  • power generation and distribution
  • maritime
  • aviation and aerospace
  • military equipment
  • automotive

  • annual reports
  • newsletters
  • brochures
  • product literature
  • human resources documents
  • articles and blog posts
  • websites
  • advertising
  • press releases
  • trade magazines
  • financial statements
  • meeting minutes
  • environmental studies

  • contracts and deeds
  • court documents
  • insurance policies and claims
  • expert assessments

  • travel and tourist guides
  • medical reports
  • agricultural science
  • fisheries and oceans science